The HungryBunz are coming...

Their ancestors told stories of lands of unspeakable excess. Continents dominated by genetically mutated plants bearing bounties of all manner of delicacies... The rumors of the promised land were true.

The HungryBunz have found their home, and now they need leaders to guide them in their quest.

Assemble your crew, forage for $NOM, feed your Bunz, and burn skinnies to create epic Chunky HungryBunz, with a chance to secure a unique 1/1 piece every time you evolve.


8,888 Skinny HungryBunz | 0.06 Mint Price


8,888 HungryBunz have landed on the fabled land of West Voralia after being cast out on a desolate island for generations. Start skinny, and play your part in operation SEED to search, eat, evolve, and destroy. Send your bunz on foraging missions to accrue $NOM which can be burned to feed your bunz.

Dream Bigger

Once your Bunz are thicc enough, you can evolve them to create even more capable collectibles to destroy the competition.

The HungryBunz contracts are modular, and include future-proofing provisions to allow more 1/1 legendary pieces, deeper levels of evolution, prestige, and re-balancing to ensure there's always something bigger to look forward to.

Venture Further

Journey beyond the edge of the known metaverse with Ethereum Layer 2 bridging abstracted away to a straightforward, easy to use interface. Continue using your favorite NFT trading platforms on Layer 1, and enjoy the incredible savings of Arbitrum's roll-up with instant bridging from L1 to L2.


Phase One

Day 0: Mint

8,888 HungryBunz land on the beaches of West Voralia. Presale will last 24 hours. On the third day, members of the public may begin assembling their teams. Mint will close 48 hours after presale start.

Day 3: Reveal

After public sale closes, your HungryBunz will be revealed. Foraging, and feeding will be available upon reveal. Bug bounty program goes into effect, with rewards up to 10 Ethereum for reports leading to the resolution of the most egregious, dangerous bugs.

At this time, proceeds from mint will be used to acquire virtual real estate in either The Sandbox or Decentraland, depending on the accessibility of either universe to holders and the availability of suitably large estates or parcels at a sensible price point.

Day 10: Layer 2 Support

Seven days after reveal, layer 2 bridging will be made available for holders. Our L2 implementation, using the Arbitrum Rollup, will allow holders to send their NFTs, Ethereum, and $NOM to layer 2 to enjoy greatly reduced gas fees. Bridging is 100% optional, and all game functionality will be made available for users on both layer 1, and layer 2.

Day 10: Evolution Start

Seven days after reveal, the evolution contract will be enabled, assuming that all other components function as expected and do not require any patches.

Day 15: The Chunks Arrive

Larger holders should expect to be eligible to evolve their HungryBunz after about 10 days, RNG permitting. Upon evolving, holders may receive a unique, animated NFT. Chunky (Level 2) HungryBunz will not be eligible for foraging (staking) until all 1/1s have been revealed.

Day 20: Preparations for Phase 2

Begin interviewing specialty developers, artists, and creators to build the HungryBunz team and prepare to expand the HungryBunz universe.

Day 30: All 1/1s Discovered

By Day 30, holders should have uncovered most, if not all, of the available 1/1 pieces. Depending on community interests and preferences, we may proceed in one of a number of different directions to keep holders engaged. This may consist of future seasons with new 1/1 pieces, cosmetics, wearables, and custom names for your HungryBunz, breeding mechanics, and supplemental collections.

Day 60+

Rumor has it that the skinnies and the chunks are just two of many subspecies of HungryBunz...

Meet The Team


Project Founder

Art Director & Marketing Lead


Art & Community Management


Contract & Application Engineer







Anon #1

Lead Artist, Animator

Anon #2

Lead Animator, Artist